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Initial appearance of giant copper deposits in Ecuador


According to Mining Weekly, Sol Gold, Australia, announced that its copper and gold exploration in Cascabel, Ecuador, had been active.

With the arrival of two double crawler rigs and the coming two other rigs, the number of rigs on site will rise to 11.

The planning and extension of the Cascaville Copper and Gold Mine project are expanding with the development of large-scale planning and exploration. The company is pressing ahead with its time budget for the resources of the Alpala deposit, which has previously leaked 11 target areas to be verified. Up to now, the Alpara deposit has completed drilling of 56,800 meters, and the company's program has completed drilling of 120,000 meters.

According to Mining Weekly, Sol Gold, Australia, announced that its copper and gold exploration in Cascabel, Ecuador, had been active.

Location Map of Cascadabel Copper and Gold Deposit (Based on SolGold Materials)

Last Friday (November 24), Sol Gold announced that CSD-17-030 and its sub-borehole CSD-17-030-D1 extended the deposit 100 meters southeast from borehole 28 at the Alpara Middle Deposit. Up to now, borehole 33 has been found in the depth of 791 meters, 700 meters thick, until now 1491 meters deep. Drilling hole 33 also extends mineralization to 120 meters above hole 9 and hole 5, and the deposit has not penetrated upwards along the western margin.

During the drilling process of CSD-17-030-D1 borehole in Alpara deposit, 542 meters deep, 0.37% copper grade and 0.22 g/ton gold grade were found, 160 meters rich ore bodies were found from 622 meters deep, in which 0.53% copper grade and 0.3 g/ton gold grade were found.

Porphyry copper mineralization was observed in CSD-17-029 individual borehole CSD-17-029-D1 of Alparadong deposit. The mineralization thickness was 348 meters and the copper equivalent grade was 0.47%. The mineralization extended 200 meters eastward from 23R-D1 borehole.

The 29-D1 borehole is 430.4 meters deep in 738 meters. The copper grade is 0.32% and the gold is 0.15g/ton. The hole is 158.4 meters deep in 1010 meters and has a high grade. The copper grade is 0.49% and the gold grade is 0.27g/ton.

CSD-17-029-D2 borehole is 420 meters deep from 900 meters to 1564 meters. Mineralization is extended from 29-D1 borehole down to 200 meters. Sample analysis is still under way.

CSD-17-029-D3 borehole is now 239 meters deep in the mine, and 1188 meters deep from 949 meters deep to the present. According to Saul Gold, according to the 0.7% copper divide grade, the width of the Alpara deposit has been expanded from 390 meters to 470 meters by 20% from 29-D1 and 29-D2 holes.

At the Northwest Alpara deposit, the CSD-17-26-D3 borehole was found at a depth of 964 meters, and has not penetrated the orebody up to 1588 meters.

Drilling is also under way for the Hematite Hill and southeastern Alpara deposits, where mineralization has been observed in holes 31, 31D and 32. The 31-D1 borehole proves that the ore bodies are connected between them. Drilling No. 31 extends the orebody 150 meters southeast from Drilling No. 27.

In Alparasi, borehole 34 has been drilled to a depth of 1,170 meters. The purpose is to verify the extension of the orebody seen in borehole 25. The ore was 238 meters in borehole 25 and the copper equivalent grade was 1.31%.

Up to now, four of the 15 target areas in Cascaville have been verified, and the company's plan is to complete the resource budget operation of the Alpara deposit as soon as possible.

Together, the Alpara deposit has not penetrated in all directions. From Trivinio in the northwest to Cristal in the southeast, there is a group of deposits within a distance of 2.2 kilometers along the strike. The mineralization corridor is about 700 meters wide.