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copper casting

Copper Casting

More than 20 yearscopper castingCustomized

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copper casting厂家

01 Good Surface Quality
copper casting厂家
  • Silica Sol Precision Casting
  • More than 20 years'experience
  • Save time for polishing
02 High precision casting
copper casting厂家
  • Guaranteed good tolerances
  • Casting tolerance higher than national standard
  • Can help you save a lot of machining
03 Excellent internal quality
copper casting厂家
  • Parts have good compactness
  • Strict control of each process
  • The internal quality of each part meets the requirements.
04 Less working hours
copper casting厂家
  • Advantages: less processing allowance
  • Machining allowance of 1mm
  • Weight reduction of castings and less processing time

They all chose us.

copper casting

More than 20 years'experience in copper casting

Professional design team, to ensure that the product pass rate.

Various process validation to ensure that mature product processes are provided.

More than 500 successful cooperative units

Mature technology, strict process control, design, production, processing, after-sales one-stop service!

Customers are located in most of China. Overseas customers expand markets in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

All kinds of testing equipment with complete specifications

Spectrometer and performance testing equipment are complete

Complete testing, so that the products in your hands are qualified.


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Yangzhou Wanhe Casting Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Yangzhou Wanhe Casting Co. Ltd. has specialized in the special foundry of copper alloys for nearly 20 years and won a great reputation among it...[View Details]


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